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Future Fair, NYC with Gallery Suppan


Photos by Keenon Perry


Solo booth at Future Fair 2023, NYC 

"But it’s not just artists who work in two dimensions that are looking to history for their inspiration. Karo Kuchar includes the past quite literally in her wall sculptures shown by Vienna’s Suppan. She adheres a length of silk to old walls in her hometown then pulls it away, lifting part of the surface in the process. She then sews the fabric into lighthearted works that explore the ways we build public images of ourselves through our digital personas, our fashion choices and more. A trio of pieces that mimic Tinder profiles is particularly funny: “Dude With a Fish” sends up the ubiquity of that kind of photo on the app, while “CEO (Not Yet)” pokes fun at the rise-and-grind mindset that so many project online." Brian P. Kelly, The Wall Street Journal

"I can tell that an artwork is effective, personally, when I start running my mouth in response. Bonus points for jokes. Three Tinder profiles by Kuchar had me explaining to a full booth how to play ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill.’ This was a particularly challenging round. It all got quite real quite fast, though, as Kuchar explained her bikini series on view here. The work’s about borders — the walls we put up, even if they’re just the skimpiest attire. She made the profound point that putting a whisper of a bikini on a rectangule still gives the connotation it’s a girl. Furthermore, Kuchar repurposes real walls from buildings about to be demolished in these works. Legally, of course. She’s got a “wall dealer” who works in real estate."  FAD Magazine

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